My life in september

14 Nov

The month started with a ride up the hills with a bunch of friends to celebrate the life of one of our idols, of which I posted about here. Then we had a very good (but wet) dinner in the city center, read about it here.

A couple that used to live upstairs in our building till a few years ago, invited us to dinner one night. It was a real pleasure to catch up with them, they are older than us but much younger in spirit I have to admit! It was a very nice evening, relaxing and funny…..

(our contribution to the dinner, salted appetizers and potatoes pie)

We had a hard time getting the cats (Lucinda, Belinda, Lisa, Romeo and Oscar) off the couch so we could chat and have coffee in peace, but finally we managed it!

Every year the little town of Langhirano, a few kms out Parma towards the hills, organizes the Parma Ham Festival (this year it’s been the 17th edition). It’s a two weeks event, all centered around the excellent product of the place known all around the world, the “Prosciutto di Parma”. There’s the “Open Doors Ham Factories” with free tour of selected companies explaining how the ham is made, a list of selected restaurants where to eat all the territory products at fixed prices, photos and paintings exhibitions, volley and football tournaments, etc. And obviously everywhere the possibilities to eat the prosciutto and have fun with music and various crafts….

One saturday night, a central portion of town was closed to cars and full of people enjoying themselves. We were there, obviously, also to see hubby cousin and his partner dancing….

They are dance teachers and this is their website (sorry, just in italian).

September is the month also of the annual representation of the local Palio, and we enjoyed this year event so very much. It was also the month of my birthday, and the same day this year was the christening of little (not that much) Edoardo (my daughter friend’s baby).  One evening me and daughter M helped to wrap up the confetti boxes….

The ceremony was touching and the party after that was even better…………..

At the end of the month me and hubby took a day off to go to Ghedi, a little town about 100 kms from home, because we had an appointment with a company specialized in bike saddles because we want to change ours (we want one more comfortable, because let’s face it, we’re not getting any yuonger!). After the talk with the manager of the company, we had lunch and a nice walk through the town….

St. Mary Assumption Church, built in 1620 by Giovanni Antonio Avanzi and Pier Maria Bagnatore, on the site of a medieval one from the VIII century. Inside the most notable painting is the Annunciazione dell’angelo a Maria by Sebastiano Ricci (1730).

Palazzo Ochi

Palazzo Mondella (XVIII century) with the coat of arms of Venice (all the area was under the influence of the “Serenissima”)

And now…..forwards to october!

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