My life in october

20 Nov

The month was marked most of all by the heavy rain and the consequent floods that hit many and huge parts of the city (as I wrote here) and of the entire country. Unfortunately many area of Italy are still fighting against it.

We had also the opportunity to spend a day in the family country home all together, the best way to spend time for me…

There was a little thrilling moment too…..

Then, a long stand-by time due to mom surgery and her stay at the hospital and the following recovering time at home. Luckily enough I had the chance to spend time with friends too, first for a saturday afternoon walk in the hills, enjoying the autumn colors, smells and sounds.. there was a bright sun when we arrived, then a little fog took over giving the place more charme in my opinion….

We had a reservation at a very good restaurant for dinner….and it was a good thing that we had a long walk before…..

The last sunday of the month it was time for (maybe) the last bike ride of the season….but this will be the subject for a post on its own….

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One response to “My life in october

  1. ionuca

    November 25, 2014 at 9:03 am

    Great pictures, mouthwatering food! 🙂


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