Bernardo Bertolucci, the Maestro, now the Doctor….

13 Jan

Everybody knows who Bernardo Bertolucci is. Movies lovers for sure, thanks to masterpieces such as “The comformist”, “Last tango in Paris”, “1900”, “Luna”, “The last Emperor”, “The sheltering sky” and “Little Buddha”…..He is born in Parma in 1941. His father Attilio was a great poet, an art historian, and a celebrated  film critic, and thanks to him Bernardo began his career in the cinema industry with Pier Paolo Pasolini, nothing less…..

He’s always been very proud of his origins and he’s back in Parma as often as his busy life allows him. His (and mine) hometown announced some time ago the intention to celebrate his works and his life presenting him with a Honorary Degree (honoris causa) in  History and Criticism of the Arts and Entertainment. The public announcement was held in the City Hall by the Assessor for Art and History (the lady in black), the Rector of the University of Parma (the man speaking) and two University professors teaching Cinema History (both were my daughter’s Teachers, that’s why we got an invitation).

In three choosen places in the city center – the arches of the Mayor Palace, the arches of the oldest college in town (around 800, held by the Jesuits) and inside the main court of the University – since the end of november, lots of photos from the most famous of his movies were hung for anyone to see. The official opening was held by the Mayor and the Rector….

Then, on december the 16th, the degree ceremovy took place in the Teatro Regio (Regio Theater) because the Aula Magna at the University was too small to hosting the event. We had (me, daughter M and some friends) very good places (thanks to Prof. Allegri generosity) to enjoy the event…..and I was very happy to skip work for an afternoon for this….


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One response to “Bernardo Bertolucci, the Maestro, now the Doctor….

  1. Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti

    January 18, 2015 at 6:35 am

    How exciting to attend this ceremony for Bernardo Bertolucci, Gracie!


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