A family matter

20 Jan

As some of you, my Readers, might know, my mom had surgery last october, to remove a part of her intestine that was about to have occlusion. At the tender age of 82 she was afraid to undergo a surgery that heavy, but everything went just ok, her surgeon was great (not just professionally) and she is doing well. So she was in the mood to celebrate, and the last sunday of november she invited all her siblings, nephews and nieces, with their spouses and children….all 32 of us, coming from Genoa, Bologna and New Jersey! The place she choose is a restaurant just outside town owned by my uncle A’s friends and it was a nice choice. 

It was sooooooo good to sit there and have all the family together. Unfortunately some of our loved ones are gone, but their memory and the love we shared is till here, in our hearts……. These are the faces that mean the world to me…..

Obviously at the endo of the lunch mom had to make a speech, to thank everyone for coming and making the day remarkable………….

and my cousins gave her a purse as a gift…………

and some letters, one from each of her nephews and nieces, telling her how much their eldest aunt mean to them….she was reading aloud while everyone was watching, and you can be sure some teardrops were rolling down her cheeks………….

The lunch itself was very good, with tortelloni

farro with cheese cream and sausages

ravioli with almonds and chard

pork roast with mushrooms

cabbage rolls filled with spiced ricotta cheese

and the best chocolate pudding ever.

It was such a great time, it was ages since we were all together like this…………

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One response to “A family matter

  1. ionuca

    January 25, 2015 at 8:42 pm

    I am so happy that your mum is OK!
    The family dinner looks amazing – it’s great to be with all your relatives under one roof (from time to time :))


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