Patti Smith, a lifetime love

23 Jan

The year 1979 is very important in my life.

The very first day of that year I was in a very popular club (at that time) dancing with some friends, and when I went back home that night, I had a “boyfriend” (the same guy who became my husband 5 years later).

That summer I spent two weeks with a couple of friends from school at the beach (first time without at least a couple of parents watching on us) and I met my Parisian friend.

In september of that year I came of age and I started my last year of high school.

During the fall I got my driving license.

But what I remember most vividly, is the concert in Florence of Patti Smith. The train to Florence with a bunch of school mates, the backpack that weighed a ton, because mom filled it with so much food and drinks to feed the entire stadium, the first time to a concert so big and far away from home, the night spent without sleeping (mom still doesn’t know about this part!) wandering through the city waiting for the morning train to go back home…..

Patti Smith was (and still is) a symbol for an entire generation, one representing rule-breaking, awareness, struggle against the establishment………all the package plus some good music.

She’s still one of my favourite artist, over the years I’ve always listened to her music, saw interviews on tv, I’ve read her books,  but I never saw her again live. Five years ago she held a concert in Parma and we got tickets , but that year I was abroad on vacation, and I gave my place to one of my daughter’s friend. Last year in september we bought again tickets for me and my daughter, and finally on december the 2nd, the concert!

The concert was held at maybe our most famous landmark, the Regio Theater, much better than a stadium, more intimate and a better opportunity to be closer to the stage


Our box on the second level

My seat….

And finally it began!!! She was so nice and talkative, involving the public more and more during the show, at the end the audience on the stage level was all gathered  near her and we in the boxes all standing singing aloud with her…………

The pics below are from our local paper, I was too far for such a close-up!

She told the uadience that when she was at school, she had such a tenor voice, her teacher always made her sing Verdi, so being actually in Verdi hometown was so nice for her, she sang an “aria” from Verdi’s Il Trovatore, and all the audience went nuts!

It was really a big night, I had so much fun and being there, 35 years after the first concert, and with my daughter, sharing the same emotions if not the same memories, was such a gift! (and btw, she likes also Bob Dylan, The Doors and Lou Reed….)

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