Always around a table….

01 Feb

It seems there’s no other way to meet with friends, family and colleagues than sitting at a table……especially around Christmas to exchange best wishes and gifts….

At my uncle’s country home with some felines watching us with somehow an air of superiority…..

The best of the evening (beside the good company) were fettuccine with parsley and red radicchio…..

and a savoury pie with eggs, ricotta and broccoli.

and I came home with this…..

Saturday afternoon tea with an ex-colleague catching up with all the news…..

ang getting a purse umbrella….

Tasty happy hour with some friends…..

On the hills visiting a couple of friends, walking on a sunny but cold afternoon, enjoying the view….

and having fun with this little guy named Doc (the one on the background is Totò, 14 years old and almost blind, not in the mood to play, poor thing)

He has a job as a truffles dog and he’s very skilled doing it…..

Actually we had a truffle risotto that night…..

and a savoury pie with leek and cheese

followed by some spirits brought back home by their younger son after a 9 months voluntary work in Romania…..

and we obviously came back home with these…

Just before Christmas’ Eve, our neighbours invited us to dinner……where we had a delicious cauliflower, leek and bechamel starter,

penne with pistachio and almonds pesto,

and canapè with mushrooms and anchovies, served with a mixed salad

We had this bottle of grappa as a gifts, it’s almost a tradition by now…..

And all of this before Christmas and New Year celebrations!


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2 responses to “Always around a table….

  1. ciaochowlinda

    February 1, 2015 at 10:48 pm

    All that food looks fantastic and has made me hungry. That truffle dog – is it a Lagotto? My brother and sister-in-law own one and I know they’re used to hunt truffles in Italy. They make great pets too.

    • gracie1961

      February 2, 2015 at 7:46 am

      Yes, he’s a Lagotto and it’s true he’s so much fun to have him around….. Gracie  


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