Easter Monday

09 Apr

It was a cold but sunny day, and we had an appointment with our friends L.&E. ……..

Our destination….it was our last outing of the season last year, and the first for this one…..

Just a quick stop for a coffee, and we were walking alongside the river Mincio, enjoying the sun….

The old water mill is still working…..

And some other families were enjoying the warm weather too…..

I hope you can see the Alpine foothills in the background, still covered with snow….

Across the Bridge of Glory we could see an old marble and enamel map of Goito….it is called “Bridge of Glory”, in memory of the battles of 1848 for the Italian Unification.

And there it is, the restaurant we have booked for lunch….

We all had pumpkin flowers filled with a ricotta cream, just warmed in the oven over a tomato passata and pesto sauce (a starter I absolutely have to try at home, soooo good!)

I had a specialty of the Mantua region, risotto with rosemary and crunchy bacon….

while the others had a must of the region, pumpkin tortelli, original version….

or the one with a sausages ragù…

Husband had his favourite, beef “tagliata” (cut)

our friend L a spectacular (his word) fresh guanciale over roasted potatoes and cheese cream…

Me and E. had roasted prosciutto with a tick barolo sauce, served with potatoes.

Hubby was urging me to take a photo of his rose cake served with a warm chantilly cream, so eager he was to taste it….just because L. comment on how good it was….

I had instead a very delicate panna cotta with raspberry sauce….

and E. a different tiramisù, but so very good judging by her moans of pleasure while eating it!

After that lunch we need another walk…..

Above, the Monument to the Bersagliere, erected on the 20th september 1926, a bronze work of the sculptor Giorgio Ceragioli; a copy is kept at the National Museum of the Unification in Turin.

Just at the back of the monument, the old walls of the park of Villa Giraffa (Villa Giraffe)

The villa is set in a park in an area of ​​27,000 square meters and consists of three buildings: main villa, gatehouse and gardener, rural building used as stables. The villa is spread over three floors including the attic, has 58 rooms and private chapel, armory and ballroom, all in very good condition.

On may 22, 1606 for the desire of the Duke of Mantua, Vincenzo Gonzaga, view the bubble approval of the then Pope Clement VIII dated June 3, 1603, the Capuchin Friars are called to Goito to build the monastery and church that following transformations would lead to the manor it is today. In 1745 the Capuchin monastery expanded with the construction of many other rooms. With a Government Decree on the 8 th of july 1805, Napoleon I suppressed the monastery of Goito. On May 2, 1827 the disused monastery is sold at an auction to the family Fumagalli and from that moment it acquires the name “Villa Giraffe”.

During the famous battle of the “Risorgimento” on the 8th of april 1848 Villa Giraffe is cited as the place where there were barricaded the Austrian troops to counter the arrival of the Piedmont ones.The next change in ownership occurred before the bursting of the Second World War when the Count Perdomini donated the villa to his future wife Countess Livia as a wedding gift.

Can you see in the photo below the traces of a giraffe on the wall?

The gate to the backyard was closed, but walking on the other side of the river we could have a view of the entire building with a private berth for the boats….

We kept on walking into the Park of the Mincio, to have some quiet moments, before coming back to our bikes and driving home…..a very pleasant day spent out in the open after so many rainy days, with dear friends, exploring new places…..


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