Sunday dinner…..with a twist

16 Apr

Spring at last!

Last sunday was a beautiful, typical spring day, warm, sunny and a little windy. A., hubby’s cousin, called in the morning asking if we were free to join him, his partner and a couple of friends for dinner that nigh. Obviously we said yes, considering it was just before Christmas we spent some time together! The appointment was in a little village in the hills called Ciano, midway from our homes……Hubby and I decided to leave home early and have a walk while waiting for the others to arrive.

Of course, I just had to explore the local Church dedicated to St. Martin. It first shows up in 1156 among the ones depending from Canossa. In the 1302 it’s listed a church of St. Lucy of Rossena, and then, with the double title of the SS. Martin and Lucy, it will show up in some 1555 documents. The actual Church was realized among 1689 and 1704 and in such occasion its orientation  was probably changed. The beautiful bell tower is notable. In the Church the most precious painting is the one attributed to Guido Reni representing the biblical scene of Agar and Ismaele in the desert.

I didn’t expect an interior so rich, considering the size of the village….

And I just fell in love with the presbytery….I’d love to live in that house!

Near the Church is located the old Canossa Theatre, that acts also as the public library.

We just strolled through the place looking around….

The first records of this town date back to 1092 in a list of items donated to the Monastery of San Prospero in Reggio Emilia.
The main events surrounding the area are, however, tied to the history of the Canossa family and especially to the Canossa Castle founded in c 950.

We were just having a little aperitif when our friends arrived…………

After a little chat, we decided to leave our cars in the parking lot and walk to the restaurant that A. booked for us….

Scallops, prawns, cod and gilt-head bream as antipasto….

then tagliatelle with truffles or with prawn and asparagus….

Marinated tuna sautè in sesame seeds

gilt-head bream again, this time roasted with veggies

beef filet with mushrooms….

We had a great time catching up with what we missed over the last few months, and with great food. Too bad the next morning we all had to work, or we stayed longer enjoying each other’s company…

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One response to “Sunday dinner…..with a twist

  1. Dee

    April 24, 2015 at 3:09 pm

    As usual, wonderful photos! I love the detail.

    Your recipe sounds simple and delicious. Going to try it out on Sunday.

    I don’t think I could eat a fish that is looking back at me from the plate. LOL!


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