Toscanini, the Maestro

25 Apr

I already posted about the Maestro Toscanini here, and now I want to show you how interesting would be a visit to his house, now a museum….I’ts so weird sometimes, you live in a city you think you know well, still there are places you never saw…..we thought it was about time we cut the list shorter….

The house where the great conductor Arturo Toscanini (1867-1957) was born is situated in an unpretentious part of Parma across the river from the centre and represents one of the symbolic places in memory of the Maestro even though he lived there for just a few months. Nevertheless he was so very proud of his roots, he never sold the house.

It was donated by the heirs of Toscanini to the city which renovated it and made it into a museum in 1967 and recently renovated. It contains mainly artefacts from the musician’s residences in Milan in Via Durini, and at Riverdale in the United States. The exhibit, set out in the form of a house/museum, includes musical folios, a number of personal items belonging to the Maestro, curios, paintings, announcements, drawings and photographs. In a specially equipped room it is possible to listen to some of Toscanini’s most celebrated performances.

A Bechstein piano belonging to the opera singer Aureliano Pertile, to whom Toscanini was very close, was recently added to the collection. Other artifacts connected the life of the musician can be found in the furnished studio at the “Arrigo Boito” Music Conservatory in Parma

We spent a pleasant saturday morning there, our ears filled with some good music, learning a lot more about one of the most celebrated Parma’s son…..

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One response to “Toscanini, the Maestro

  1. Gattina

    April 27, 2015 at 4:40 pm

    Looks very interesting ! I although thought I had seen whole Brussels and Waterloo after such a long time I live in Brussels, but I still discover something new !


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