A busy weekend

17 Jun

I have this friend, back from the high school times…..She’s always been the creative one, and now finally, when others (me included) just think about retirement, she instead started a new adventure….

There’s this bijoux shop, for so may years active in my hometown, and a favourite of mine….the lady running it has some health issues and was looking for someone who could run the shop along with her daughter and for designing new bijoux lines… friend was more than delighted to be choosen….

Early may, one saturday morning there was the big opening of the renovated showroom with some new collections…and I was there to support my creative old classmate….The only one who’s really worried is my husband, very concerned about how much money I will spend there in the future….

The same day, in the afternoon, with my daughter and a couple of friends we went to the “Gelato Festival” held in the courtyard of Palazzo Pilotta, in the city center….

So many flavors to choose from, and you have to taste as much as you could with a very low price card, that allowed you to vote for the best one

There were even some very good pastries (according to my friend E) filled with ice cream….

Obviously we couldn’t miss the Nutella ice-cream…..

Here you had to leave your vote….

Mine was for our friends from “Gelateria Trilly” …here is Ilaria and the guy on the left on the screen is her brother Luca…their shop is just a few steps from my home…

and this is their terrific “crema all’uovo” (milk, eggs, lemon zest and coffee beans)

but my daughter’s fav is their cocoa-and-chocolate….

You could also attend lessons on how to make a good homemade ice-cream….

After all that we had in the afternoon, our dinner (when our husbands joined us) was just a bit of a very good vegetarian tart…..

On sunday afternoon, with our friends E and L, we spent some times at a local mall where there was a sort of Vintage American Festival, with lots of old fancy cars, that my husband really enjoyed….

but not really having his photo taken….

The real reason we were there is this couple here, and their friends of a dancing company….hubby’s cousin A and his partner A (in real life too). This was a small demo inside the mall……

We had a nice happy hour outside, while watching the dancing exhibition….

They invited us to take lessons with them….I don’t really see me or hubby doing that………but we had a great time watching their performance…


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2 responses to “A busy weekend

  1. Gattina

    June 17, 2015 at 1:20 pm

    That was indeed a busy weekend ! I prefer those ones then boring ones! It is never too late to do something new if you can ! The jewelsf are beautiful my husband would prefer the food !

  2. ionuca

    June 18, 2015 at 1:13 pm

    Your friend is very talented. Hope she’ll make many women happy with her creations!


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