The Plateau – Umbria experience #3

13 Jul

It was a sunny and hot day, perfect for a ride in the mountains…..Our destination was the Piana di Castelluccio (Castelluccio Plateau) known especially for the lentils cultivated there and considered the very best …….Going from Norcia along the provincial road for Castelluccio we crossed the western side of the ridge from Mount Patino till the Canapine Forks, the historical crossing point between the Nera Valley and Tronto Valley, between Umbria and Marche.

From the 2448 meters of the Top of the Redeemer you can have a perfect view of the plain that consists of more than 1000 acres of fields, hay meadows and grasslands. The plateau of Castelluccio is one side of the fault originated from tectonic distension, about 1 million years ago.

Here we are (well….someone had to take the photos, right?) along the road for a smoke break….

The view is really stunning, can you see those spits of land still covered with snow?

We were there the first day of june, and the only flower blooming was the rapeseed, but you can have a look at how amazing the view is, when all the flowers and herbs growing along with the lentils are blooming too…

Exiting the plateau, towards the village of Castelluccio, Italy herself was greeting us…..someone shaped a little grove in the form of my country….nice isn’t it?

Rising up to the pass of Forca di Presta, we took the longest road the other side of the Sibillini Mountains and back to Norcia

For a day, no history and no art, just driving lost in that beauty, enjoying the ride and the nature….and some very good food!

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One response to “The Plateau – Umbria experience #3

  1. Gattina

    July 13, 2015 at 3:29 pm

    Beautiful landscape ! and what is better to go into the mountains when it’s hot ! If the second plate is Polenta, Mr. G. would eat it right out of the screen !


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