My life in september

09 Oct

First apponintment of the month was for the annual Parma Ham Festival….three nights in a row…

Then a dinner invitation from our new neighbours(and my mom made us a cake)…

Then an old friend called for an afternoon tea to catch up with some of us and my gluten-free almond and meringue cake was a big success

One sunday we had our annual classmates reunion, such a joy to be with all of them again….

The big event of the month was my cousin wedding (and a chance to visit Genoa)

A night out for a drink and pizza with a couple of friends….

A surprise invitation for dinner from some friends of our friends….a very pleasant night…

Flowers for my daughter….

A sunday afternoon at a recently renovated place with some m-i-a friends to catch up with the latest news….

Some gifts, flowers and a very good dinner cooked by my daughter for my birthday…

Now, what to expect from october? Well, already planned are a dinner out with some collegues and ex-ones, a wedding and maybe a visit to the Expo exhibition in Milan….


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One response to “My life in september

  1. Gattina

    October 9, 2015 at 4:44 pm

    Now I am really hungry ! My mouth waters with all these good plates !!


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