Last bike ride

29 Oct

Last sunday we had our final bikers’ reunion of the year. The place is always the same, Goito, near Mantua. I’ve already posted about the event and the village of Goito, so this time, it’s just about some phtotos at random…the market, with local and italian products, from bread and marinated beans, to sundried tomatoes….

from salami and different kinds of cheese…..

to a large range of products made with almonds…

In the main square there’s the City Hall building, and in the groundfloor they prepared a local painter’s exhibition….

We had lunch at a new restaurant…….typical Mantua sausages risotto…

fried polenta with a mushrooms cream…..

some cheese with a few taste of mostarda….

After lunch we just walked around….along the Mincio river, discovering hidden treasures, meeting new two-legs friends, entering an old wooden stable….

ending up with some frequent visitors of bikers meetings….

And maybe this is a sign from Norway? We’re seriouly thinking about next year summer vacation there…..

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