06 Nov

It was a full and busy month, spent with family and friends ….the best way to have a great time!

A study client opened a new branch of his company and invited us for a “little” coffee break….

A night out with friends at the “Bandit” a nice bikers’ club with live music, that night the enterteinment was provided by a rock band we know very well…

Then it was P and M big day!!!

Every year my hometown hosts a french market, usually in december, this year it was in october and it was a “vintage” one…I bought some breton cookies and some bottles of cider..

We had the chance to celebrate the Oktoberfest at the German/Irish pub we like the most….

Thanks to my cousin L and his wife A, we discovered a new restaurant, not very near but really worth the trip!

Finally, our so long awaited visit to the Expo in Milan….an amazing experience….

Last sunday of the month it was dedicated to our favourite thing to do….drive our bikes!

We drove back home early, because mid afternoon we had another date….All the family gathered together for my cousin S. daughter A.’s christening….

And now….it’s up to you november….what will you bring?

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