04 Dec

It’s been another good month…

It started with a very happy hour with lots of collegues in a nice place, the lounge bar-restaurant of a local “off” theatre near the office.

The occasion was a warm and teary good-bye to these two guys (at the center) who after so many years, resigned to start a new working adventure….it was an emotional evening for all….

We usually don’t go out on friday nights, but this was a special occasion….with a couple of friends we drove to Modena to have a buffet dinner and some drinks and listen to a couple of bands (jazz and rock) in a very nice (and huge) place…..and I tried a rosemary mojito, not bad but I think I will stay with the original one in the future.

Then it was a collegues affair again. This time it was M. 50th birthday we celebrated, one of the most sweetest and nicest guy I ever met….

Can you spot me in the mirror?….

On a saturday me and my daughter were in Colorno, at the Royal Palace, for a photos exhibition. It was interesting, at least for the photos’ lovers, to see how important photographers see life through their lenses….

And yes……we bought a couple of photos books too, obviously….

A cold but sunny sunday with the always present friends, we drove up to the hills for a little walk in the woods, and to have lunch in a cozy place they already knew….

One day at lunch with a couple of collegues we were back at the birthday celebration place….the owner, a very talented sicilian girl (she wakes up every day at 3.00am to cook, bake, decor all the things she serves to her customers) invited me in her kitchen to witness the preparation of my gluten-free lunch…

The end of the month was marked by a beautiful day spent  in Verona …..but this deserves a post on its own….


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