13 Jan

Early in the month we finally got the chance to meet with our friends from Modena…..obviously sitting around a table….

For once somebody else (our friend S) was taking the pic and I’m in it this time!!!

Salame di Felino and the king of them all, the very special culatello…..

Mariola with smashed potatoes and home made mostarda….all sooooo good!

All the food in the restaurant is home made, the desserts are all served as single-portion, hubby had viennetta

and I opted for warm zabaione with rice and almonds biscuits

After lunch the discussion was of course about netx spring/summer bike rides….

Then it was time for my daughter to fix our Christmas tree….

and this is the version with the lights on and a few gifts already under it…

We heard that our favourite band was helding another show at the usual place just outside town, and we gladly drove there one night to have a great time…

The sunday before Christmas with a couple of friends we drove up the hills to the little village of Bazzano, home of the most famous nativities exhibition in the region…..

and the villagers creativity and imagination have no limits….The setting can vary a lot, from traditional figurines placed inside a wooden spool for hoses….(and I don’t know why the apples…)

a more traditional one setting in a porch under a tree covering a door (hoping no one has to use it soon…)

one carved in a log….

one made using wine bottles and jugs, the cave being an old corking machine….

a traditional one, but made of plasticine….

there were also two with the Minions…………

A very elegant one, all in white….

one made on roof tiles….

one hanging from a tree inside a glass house….

a modern one made with paper…

one hung on a wall made with glued grains….

just opposit a bakery with its own, all made with bread….even the woods in the fireplace are bread-sticks…

this one is made of carved polystyrene with pebbles and woods glued on it….

I guess who made this likes to travel….

another one hung up a tree….

and this is a one-dimension….

the one below is made with colored children’s pens

I saved for last my favourite, a nativity scene set inside a doll house, victorian style….

In the village there are also Santa home and office….

We were so lucky to see the old man itself…..

(for my previous visit see here). At the end of the day we were cold and tired….not enough to go home to have dinner….I had the most fabulous gluten-free dinner ever!!

This year my daughter gave her best to fix Christmas’ eve dinner….three different appetizers….

a very good fish and veggies lasagna

octopus salad with potatoes and olives and a potatoes and anchovies terrine…

The only thing we bought was the dessert….

After Christmas we met with friends at our favourite place to spend the evening together…..

New Year’s Eve we were just the two of us, me and hubby, because I got a bad flu and I wan’t really in the mood….so it was just a traditional dinner….

It’s been a very intense year, with its usual ups and downs, for us and for our extended family and our  friends…..there are still some situations pending, but luckily all will end well (fingers crossed)….

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